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  • March 2013
    Vol.8 No.1
    Avoiding the Mines:
    New Leaders, New Dangers in Northeast Asia
    Letter to Readers
  • Cover Story
    Avoiding the Mines: New Leaders, New Dangers in Northeast Asia

    Threats to peace and stability are never far from the surface in Northeast Asia, as North Korea’s recent satellite rocket launch and third nuclear test demonstrated. But with new leaders taking power almost simultaneously in China, Japan and South Korea, and the US determined to maintain its influence in Asia, could a new Cold War be on the horizon?

    • Gilbert Rozman
      A Cold War Waiting? Northeast Asia's New Leaders Must Tackle Mounting Tensions

      The current wholesale leadership transition across Northeast Asia comes at a time of renewed tension over North Korea's belligerence, China's more aggressive posture and the American “pivot” toward Asia. By Gilbert Rozman

    • Takashi Inoguchi
      The Dynamic Dynamite of Asia's Leadership Changes

      The many leadership changes that took place in East Asia over the last year or so have broad implications for peace and stability. If the leaders get it right, the future looks good, but potential conflict is not far from the surface. By Takashi Inoguchi

    • David Shambaugh
      China's Leadership Transition: Will It Go Deep Enough?

      After two years of preparations and secret maneuvering, China has now ushered in its new leadership — the ‘fifth generation’ to rule the nation since 1949. By David Shambaugh

    • Joon Hyung Kim
      Letting Off Steam: South Korea's Role in Northeast Asia

      The recent changes in leadership in Northeast Asia could lead in two very different directions — one peaceful, one not — depending on how foreign policy unfolds in different capitals. By Joon Hyung Kim

    • Haksoon Paik
      Seeking Harmony but Causing Conflict: North Korea's New Dilemma

      Why, with the launch of a satellite rocket and a third nuclear test, did Kim Jong Un jeopardize relations with so many incoming leaders in the region? By Haksoon Paik

    • Leon V. Sigal
      North Korea's Earthquake: Just Let the Dust Settle

      North Korea’s nuclear test on Feb. 12 set off a predictable cascade of international criticism and calls for stiffer sanctions, but the US should engage North Korea diplomatically and also reassure China about its intentions. By Leon V. Sigal

    • J. Berkshire Miller
      Japan's Adjustment to New Geopolitical Realities in East Asia

      As Shinzo Abe takes over as Japan's new prime minister, the country is facing a rapidly changing geopolitical landscape in Asia, one that requires bolder steps than previous Japanese governments have been willing to take. By Jonathan Berkshire Miller

    • Lilia Shevtsova
      Russia's 'Pivot' to China: Is It Real or Fake?

      Authoritarian Russia has embarked on its own “pivot” toward authoritarian China. But the dynamic between Russia’s faltering system and China’s rapid rise to power are complex. By Lilia Shevtsova

  • The Debate
    The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Is It Aimed at Thwarting China?
    • Wang Yong
      The Politics of the TPP Are Plain: Target China

      US strategists aim to check or reduce the rapidly increasing influence and power of China in the Asia-Pacific region, and block the possibility that a China-centered trading bloc will emerge that excludes the US. By Wang Yong

    • Takashi Terada
      It's China's Choice to Join In or Stay Out

      China can join the TPP at any time, if it sees a reason to do so. Although China once complained that it had yet to receive an “invitation” to the TPP, the fact is that any member of the APEC forum is entitled to join. By Takashi Terada

  • Features
  • In Focus
    New Questions of Identity: How Taiwan Is Reimagining Itself
  • Book Reviews
    • Mark J. Valencia
      White's Not Right: The US Cannot Share Power in Asia

      Hugh White's The China Choice: Why America Should Share Power has raised a hullabaloo in international relations circles — and deservedly so. By Mark J. Valencia

    • John Delury
      A Roundup of Recent Titles

      Short reviews of China Goes Global: The Partial Power by David Shambaugh; From the Ruins of Empire: The Intellectuals Who Remade Asia by Pankaj Mishra, etc. By John Delury

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