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  • March 2012
    Vol.7 No.1
    A Dirty World:
    The Seoul Nuclear Security Summit Tackles Global Challenges
    Letter to Readers
  • Cover Story
    A Dirty World: The Seoul Nuclear Security Summit Tackles Global Challenges

    The risks posed by nuclear materials present the world with a unique set of security challenges, whether they involve attempted acts of terrorism or the consequences of natural disasters such as the earthquake and tsunami that damaged the Fukushima nuclear plant. The Seoul Nuclear Security Summit on March 26-27 brings together 58 world leaders to discuss the best ways forward.

  • The Debate
    Is Reform in Burma Real?
    • Philip Bowring
      A Bumpy but Better Road Lies Ahead

      No one can doubt that Burma has moved forward over the past 18 months, and however skeptical one may reasonably be about the motives and goals of those behind the changes, there is still momentum towards reform.

    • Aung Zaw
      The Certainty of Uncertainty

      Despite moves toward reform, there are many vested interests in Burma that could derail the process — the army, the government bureaucracy, moneyed cronies, and so on. The one thing that is certain is that things remain uncertain.

  • Features
  • Book Reviews
    • Gibung Kwon
      Seeking Harmony in the Middle Way

      As people witness human suffering caused by natural and man-made calamities, how do we reconcile the values of humanity with the fact that the marginal and the poor still suffer from discrimination and oppression?

    • John Delury, Taehwan Kim
      A Roundup of Recent Titles

      Short reviews of Business and Nonproliferation: Industry's Role in Safeguarding a Nuclear Renaissance, edited by John P. Banks and Charles K. Ebinger; Nonkilling Korea: Six Culture Exploration, edited by Glenn D. Paige and Chung-Si Ahn; The Next Convergen

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