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  • December 2010
    Vol.5 No.4
    Troubled Waters:
    The Search For Maritime Security in East Asia
    Letter to Readers
  • Cover Story
    Troubled Waters: The Search For Maritime Security in East Asia

    The recent harsh exchanges between China and Japan over an incident off the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, as well as the shocking artillery barrage on South Korea’s Yeongpyeong Island by the North, have highlighted continuing threats to maritime security in Asia

    • James R. Holmes, Toshi Yoshihara
      When Comparing Navies, Measure Strength, Not Size

      In the popular imagination, the maritime security of a nation is tied to the size of its navy. But even among specialists in naval affairs, there are sharp differences over how to measure the relative power of navies.

    • Mark J. Valencia
      The South China Sea: Back to the Future?

      Although maritime security is an issue in many parts of Asia, the South China Sea poses some of the most vexing challenges in the struggle for hegemony in Asia between China and the US.

    • Yoichi Kato
      China's Naval Expansion In the Western Pacific

      For a number of countries in the region, China's peaceful rise has run into troubled waters in the East China Sea and the South China Sea.

    • Yang Mingjie
      Sailing on a Harmonious Sea: A Chinese Perspective

      With 18,000 kilometers of coastline, China's geography alone would dictate that maritime security is an important consideration in its relations with other countries in the region. More importantly, more than 90 percent of the trade that drives China's gr

    • Sam Bateman
      Tackling Piracy in Asia: The Current Situation and Outlook

      Until armed boatloads of modern-day pirates off the coast of Somalia began grabbing headlines in recent years, talk of piracy was confined mostly to ship crews and owners, their insurers and specialists in maritime security.

  • The Debate
    Could Burma Finally Be Poised for Reform?
  • Features
    • Mel Gurtov
      The Pentagon Papers, WikiLeaks and the American Way of War

      In November, the website WikiLeaks began releasing the first batches of more than 250,000 classified US diplomatic cables, a trove of potentially embarrassing revelations about the conduct of US foreign policy.

    • Geun Lee
      Audacity of Hope Deferred: Obama's East Asia Policy

      The rhetoric of Barack Obama's campaign for the US presidency gave many in East Asia hope that he would actively assert US leadership in the region and depart from the ways of President George W. Bush. In this mid-term assessment of Obama's East Asia poli

    • Brian M. Burton, Abraham M. Denmark
      The Future of US Alliances in Asia

      The rise of Asia as an economic and military power in its own right is changing the fundamental power dynamics of the region and the strategic calculations that underpin these alliances.

    • Shalendra D. Sharma
      Taiwan Takes On China ... and Wins

      The landmark trade agreement forged by China and Taiwan this year promises to have a profound impact on Taiwan's domestic economy. But that is only its most immediate importance.

    • Jong Seok Lee
      The Next Kim: Prospects for Peace in Korea

      North Korea's recent shelling of Yeonpyong Island and other provocative acts have turned the spotlight on the complex leadership succession process under way.

    • Pavin Chachavalpongpun
      A Battle Royale: Thailand Takes On The Foreign Media

      As Thailand's political crisis continues to simmer following last spring's violent crackdown on anti-government protesters, the foreign media find themselves increasingly caught in the middle.

    • Hwa Yol Jung
      Transversality and What 'Global Asia' Means in an Age of Hyphens and Hybrids

      The idea of globalization often hinges on a dichotomy between the local and the global, a divide that conceals a middle path that Hwa Yol Jung refers to as the

  • Book Reviews
    • John Nilsson-Wright
      Contested History: Re-Examining The Korean War

      Bruce Cumings' latest book reveals the deep differences dividing North and South before the war, and America's ignoble role in atrocities committed during the conflict. Reviewed by John Swenson-Wright

    • Ben Bland
      Debunking 'Doi Moi'

      Martin Gainsborough's new book, Vietnam: Rethinking the State, challenges the common view that the past 25 years' economic reform has all been carefully state-planned.

    • Salil Tripathi
      Putting an End To the Myth of The Lazy Native

      A biography of Malaysian writer Syed Hussein Alatas by his daughter Masturah Alatas portrays the struggle to cast off the stereotypes that Western colonizers used to legitimize their rule. Reviewed by Salil Tripathi.

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