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  • March 2009
    Vol.4 No.1
    Reinventing Japan:
    Problems, Yes, But Wait For Surprises
    Letter to Readers
  • Cover Story
    Reinventing Japan: Problems, Yes, But Wait For Surprises

    The latest issue features an in-depth examination of the ways that Japan’s political, social, economic and security policies are poised to transform a country that in recent years has often been seen as gripped by paralysis and overshadowed by the rise of China.

    • Margarita Estevez-Abe
      Voters (Finally) in Command: The Changing Japanese Welfare State

      With the bursting of the economic bubble in the early 1990s, the needs of younger, working Japanese have become increasingly apparent. Margarita Estévez-Abe demonstrates that it took important electoral reform for these younger voices to be heard.

    • Sawako Shirahase
      Age, Change and Poverty: Coping with Social Transformation

      For decades, Japan was described as an “all-middle-class society,” a characterization that was always open to skeptical analysis.

    • Sota Kato
      Caught Between Two Worlds: Political Change in Japan

      Both reformers and conservatives seem disappointed by the profound changes altering Japan's political and economic landscape. What both overlook, argues Japanese political scientist Sota Kato, is that the fruits of change require time.

    • Paul Sheard
      Japan and the Global Financial Crisis

      One of the great ironies of the current financial crisis is that US policymakers appear to have learned key lessons from Japan's failures to deal with its financial crisis of the early 1990s.

    • Heizo Takenaka
      Activism Tempered by Reason: Lessons from Tokyo

      As the world struggles to cope with the effects of the financial crisis, policymakers would be advised to look at the experiences of Japan during its crisis of the 1990s. Heizo Takenaka argues there are important lessons on what to do, and what not to do.

    • Takako Hikotani
      Japan's Changing Civil-Military Relations: From Containment to Re-engagement?

      Japan's relationship to its post-WWII past and the role of its military has been problematic. Takako Hikotani looks at the changes under way in Japan that are reshaping the interaction between political leaders and the country’s Self Defense Forces.

    • Richard J. Samuels
      Wing Walking: The US-Japan Alliance

      The US-Japan alliance has been at the center of stability in East Asia in the post-World War II era. But that alliance must now be open to change, if Washington and Tokyo are to enable new, emerging power balances in the region.

    • Hitoshi Tanaka
      A New Leadership Role for Japan

      With the ongoing rise of China and India, combined with a new president in Washington, Japan is poised to rethink its leadership role in Asia. Japan's former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hitoshi Tanaka, lays out the challenges facing the country.

    • Gerald L. Curtis
      'Reinventing Japan': A Note From the Guest Editor

      New problems of social inequality, the urgency of responding to the rise of China and the desire to create new political institutions and embrace new economic policies are all on Japan's agenda.

  • The Debate
    The Debate: Is the Era of American Dominance Over?
  • Features
    • Gerry Davis
      Managers at the Top: Leadership Challenges of Asian Companies

      The emergence of Asian companies on the global stage, competing with their counterparts in this region and elsewhere in the world, has exposed a new arena of competition: the battle for top management talent.

    • David Scott Mathieson
      Plight of the Damned: Burma's Rohingya

      Burma's Rohingya Muslim minority may be the most blighted ethnic minority in Asia. The blame for treating them so badly is shared far and wide. But as David Scott Mathieson writes, their plight has long been known to the international community.

    • P. Radhakrishnan
      Globalization and Exclusion: The Indian Context

      The concept of social exclusion in India dates back more than three millennia, enforced by the Hindu caste system. Modern India, though, now faces a fresh challenge to its efforts to stamp out institutionalized social exclusion.

    • Jong Kun Choi
      Smart Power or Star Power? Thinking About Clinton's Asian Tour

      Not since Dean Rusk in the 1960s has a US Secretary of State chosen Asia for a first foreign trip. So Hillary Clinton's recent visit to Japan, South Korea, China and Indonesia raised eyebrows and expectations.

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