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  • September 2008
    Vol.3 No.3
    Finding the Thread:
    Managing Urban Asia
    Letter to Readers
  • Cover Story
    Finding the Thread: Managing Urban Asia

    With the population of Asia’s already teeming cities expected to grow by more than a billion people over the next 20 years, the challenges facing municipal leaders is daunting. From protecting the environment to promoting innovation, cities are at the forefront of many global issues.

    • Eric J. Heikkila
      A Bird’s-Eye View: Cities in East and Southeast Asia

      The rich diversity of Asia is reflected in the many faces of urban life in this region. From Tokyo and Shanghai to Jakarta and Phnom Penh, city life takes many forms in a period of tremendous growth and accelerating urbanization.

    • Shobhakar Dhakal
      Creating an Urban Movement for Sustainable Living

      The breakneck pace of urbanization in Asia is putting increasing strains on available resources, pushing sustainability to the top of the list of priorities for city governments.

    • Paul A. Oliver
      City Leadership: At the Heart of the Global Challenge

      Many of the world's greatest challenges, from environmental degradation to widening income gaps, are increasingly coming to be defined as urban challenges, given the rapid growth of cities.

    • Se-hoon Oh
      Changing the Culture of City Hall: Interview with Seoul Mayor Se-hoon Oh

      With a population of over 20 million people, the Seoul metropolitan area is one of the world's largest urban centers, and one of Asia's most developed mega-cities. Seoul Mayor Sehoon Oh sat down with Global Asia Managing Editor David Plott.

    • Boris Johnson, Xiaolian Zhang, Xingguo Huang
      Talk From the Top: Mayors Speak Out

      The mayors of Tianjin, Harbin and London describe how the plan to keep their cities attractive, competitive and sustainable.

    • Kavi Chongkittavorn, A. Lin Neumann
      Seen from the Street: Manila and Bangkok

      Southeast Asia is home to some of Asia's most colorful cities, and Manila and Bangkok stand out as two examples that attract, intrigue and sometimes repel residents and visitors alike.

    • Kheng Soon Tay
      Behold the Countryside: The Urban/Rural Divide

      In Asia's mad dash to urbanization, the countryside has been all but completely forgotten, according to distinguished Singaporean architect Tay Kheng Soon. The tendency to view the urban and the rural as two spaces, not one, is a fundamental mistake. It's

  • The Debate
    Obama’s Foreign Policy Versus McCain’s
    • Donald G. Gross
      Barack Obama and Asia

      We can expect an Obama administration to adopt new policies that strengthen existing US alliances in Asia, while also supporting multilateral approaches that help bring stability and prosperity to the region.

    • Michael J. Green
      John McCain and Asia

      John McCain would bring significantly greater experience, judgment and credibility to the presidency and to the execution of US strategy in Asia.

  • Features
    • Aaron Siirila, Satu Limaye
      Asia Matters for America

      Asia's impact is increasingly being seen and felt across America — not just restricted to big or coastal states that have traditional links with region.

    • W. Bruce Weinrod
      NATO and Asia’s Changing Relationship

      For most of its existence, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization had little, if anything, to do with Asia. But this bedrock of Western security during the Cold War is slowly making its presence felt.

    • Karim Raslan
      Change at Last in Malaysia

      For decades, the idea that any party other than UMNO would dominate Malaysian politics was unthinkable. That is changing. Fractures have developed in the ruling coalition and a change in power appears on the horizon.

    • Purnendra Jain
      Australia’s Asia Dilemma

      When Kevin Rudd was elected Australian prime minister in November 2007, pundits predicted a period of rosy relations with Asia, given his deep expertise on the region, especially China. That hasn't happened.

    • Kyung Bae Min
      Analog Government, Digital Citizens

      When thousands of protestors poured onto the streets of Seoul earlier this year to protest plans to renew imports of US beef, more than a backlash against President Lee Myung-bak was at work.

  • Book Reviews
    • David Plott
      Pax Asiatica: The Search for a New Regional Order

      How the future world order is shaped, especially in Asia, could spell the difference between continuing peace and prosperity and a new era of conflict and chaos. Three new books look toward Asia's future. Reviewed by David Plott

    • Sadanand Dhume
      Varieties of Fundamentalist Experience

      One of the most striking aspects of the War on Terrorism is the lack of consensus on exactly with whom the West is at war, and what it must do to bring the conflict to an end. A new novel and autobiography study what it means to be an Islamist. Reviewed B

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