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  • March 2008
    Vol.3 No.1
    Hope Under Fire:
    South Asia`s Search for Stability
    Letter to Readers
  • Cover Story
    Hope Under Fire: South Asia`s Search for Stability

    Few parts of Asia are as rich in ethnic, religious, social, cultural and political diversity as South Asia. But if this part of the region is to tap its potential, it must overcome the tensions and violence rooted in that diversity.

    • Rashed Rahman
      Pakistan’s Post-Election Fault Lines

      The political tensions threatening to destabilize Pakistan seemed to reach explosive proportions with the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in December. Still, the elections, though postponed, finally took place in February. Pakistani

    • Joe Cochrane
      Giving Pakistan a Chance

      To observers outside Pakistan, recent developments in the country have elicited alarmist predictions about the future. While much uncertainty remains, there are also some signs that things could turn our better than expected.

    • Martin Ewans
      Afghanistan: Is Failure on Option?

      Afghanistan has defied numerous efforts by outsiders to subdue and control it. As nexus of narcotics and terrorism, however, the world cannot afford to walk away from assisting the country's return to stability.

    • William Clarance
      The Danse Macabre of Sri Lanka’s Liberal Democracy

      Despite energetic efforts, many of them assisted by the international community, to forge peace in Sri Lanka, war once again is tearing at the country.

    • Susanne Hoeber Rudolph, Lloyd I. Rudolph
      Making Sense of India

      The history of modern India is one of a series of dramatic transformations that, taken together, have allowed the country to emerge as a modern nation. It is poised to change further, but not without risks.

    • Hiranmay Karlekar
      The Terrorism that Stalks Bangladesh

      Despite a tradition of secularism in government, Bangladesh has not escaped the creeping influence of Islamist extremism, including involvement in acts of international terrorism.

  • The Debate
    Should Taiwan Declare Independence?
  • Features
    • Michael Vatikiotis
      Farewell to the Smiling General: Reflections on Suharto

      The death of former Indonesian President Suharto in January triggered a wave of national mourning and an occasion to reflect on his contributions to the nation, good and bad.

    • Richard Feinberg
      Seeking Balance: Two Decades of the APEC Forum

      Founded in 1989, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, or APEC, has evolved implausibly into an important and permanent feature of regional economic and security diplomacy. Distinguished academic and APEC scholar Richard Feinberg takes a close look

    • Sung Ho Kim
      Korea’s Conservatives Strike Back: An Uncertain Revolution in Seoul

      The landslide election of Lee Myung-bak as South Korea's new president represented a dramatic return to power of the conservative Grand National Party. It was the largest election victory in the country's democratic era.

    • Won Kim, Iris Moon
      Remembering Namdaemun

      Monuments are visible markers, testimonials to histories that cannot be recovered. When they are destroyed through wars, natural disasters or vandalism, a double loss is felt.

    • Victor Sumsky
      The Art of the Possible in ASEAN’s Future

      Often dismissed as an irrelevant “talking shop,” the Association of Southeast Nations greeted its 40th anniversary with questions still in the air about its future importance.

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