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  • December 2007
    Vol.2 No.3
    Raising the Heat:
    Asia Confronts Climate Change
    Letter to Readers
  • Cover Story
    Raising the Heat: Asia Confronts Climate Change

    The much-heralded rise of Asia’s economies over the past five decades has come at a price. Asia’s growing contribution to greenhouse gases. The potentially catastrophic impact of climate change is now clear.

    • Seung-soo Han
      The Global Challenge of Climate Change

      The United Nations has played a central role in galvanizing international expertise on climate change and providing a forum for concerted action.

    • Louis Lebel
      Impact on Asia: Let the Poor Beware

      The impact of climate change on Asia will be far-reaching and significant, and vary depending on where you live. Climate scientist Louis Lebel dissects the best available assessments and outlines the scenarios,.

    • Christine Loh, Simon S.C. Tay
      Marshalling Asia to Act

      Time is running out to address global warming. Yet many Asian countries, including those likely to be hardest hit, are only just beginning to discuss strategies. Christine Loh and Simon Tay outline the key issues from an Asian perspective.

  • The Debate
    Islam, Asia and the Threat of Terrorism
    • Rohan Gunaratna
      Islamic Terrorism: Can We Meet the Challenge?

      After the US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq in March 2003, the Asia threat landscape changed dramatically.

    • John T. Sidel
      From Bali to Karachi: Where's the Terror?

      A chorus of “terrorist experts” immediately chimed in with the standard refrain that has accompanied incidents of Islamist terrorist violence since the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US.

  • Features
    • Richard Weitz
      China and Russia Hand in Hand: Will it Work?

      Political and economic relations between Russia and China have grown warmer in recent years, with the two countries cooperation and supporting each other across a wide range of areas.

    • Stephen Quinn
      Media Convergence Comes of Age

      Australian academic Stephen Quinn looks at how some Asian media companies are embracing the concept, and boosting their businesses.

    • Chung-in Moon
      From Symbols to Substance: Comparing the 2000 and 2007 Inter-Korean Summits

      The leaders of North and South Korea recently held their second summit. The first was held in 2000. Political scientist and Global Asia Editor-in-Chief Chung-in Moon attended both gatherings as a special delegate. He provides a detailed analysis of why th

    • Barry Eichengreen
      The Misguided Dream of Asian Monetary Union

      The idea of greater Asian monetary integration has proven to be an alluring goal for regional policy makers. There are plenty of reasons to go slow though, argues Barry Eichengreen.

    • Aron Cramer, Jeremy Prepscius
      Corporate Social Responsibility with an Asian Face

      Corporate social responsibility used to be seen as a Western concept. That's no longer true, argue consultants Aron Cramer and Jeremy Prepscius.

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