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  • September 2007
    Vol.2 No.2
    Facing Limits:
    American Power in Asia
    Letter to Readers
  • Cover Story
    Facing Limits: American Power in Asia

    US power in Asia: What’s it for? Asians are increasingly asking that question, and offering their own answers. Is America ready to respond?

    • Clyde Prestowitz
      The Purpose of American Power in Asia

      Since the end of the Cold War, it is difficult to say that American power has had any particular purpose in the Asia-Pacific region. It may be wise for key Asian countries to it give some.

    • Kishore Mahbubani
      Wake Up Washington: The US Risks Losing Asia

      The mental map of America's strategic planners remains mired in the past while the world is moving in a sharply different direction in the 21st century. A wake-up call to policymakers in Washington: Your eyes are focused on the wrong geopolitical chessboa

    • Wang Jisi
      America in Asia: How much does China care?

      China's political elites today have gained a much deeper and more sophisticated understanding of the United States, owing to enormously increased international exposure and experience.

    • Sung Chul Yang
      Arbitrator or Antagonist: A new American Dilemma

      The division of the country still prevents the establishment of real peace in Northeast Asia.

    • Yoichi Funabashi
      Power of Ideas: The US Is Losing Its Edge

      The US provides a measure of stability without which many Asian countries would be left in a highly vulnerable state, plagued by rampant mistrust for one another. Nevertheless, subtle changes in the perception of US power and influence have been unmistaka

    • Gerald L. Curtis
      The US in East Asia: Not Architecture, But Action

      The next administration, whether Republican or Democrat, need not, and almost certainly will not, design a new security architecture for the region, although some supplements to the existing framework could be useful.

  • The Debate
    Is Hong Kong ready for democracy now?
    • Anson Chan
      Democracy in Hong Kong: What's Wrong With Now?

      Hong Kong people cherish the rights and freedoms provided in law. They are also aware of the constraints imposed by the "one country, two systems" concept. They have demonstrated, time and again, that they can and will exercise their rights and freedoms

    • Tsang Yok Sing
      Mature Enough for Democracy, and Sensible Too

      It is a mistake to argue for or against a particular date for implementing universal suffrage on the basis of the people’s maturity level.

  • Features
    • Abhisit Vejjajiva
      People's Agenda the Way Forward for Thailand

      There is no reason why Thailand cannot prosper in this time of incredible global change and opportunity. Technology is opening the world to us in new ways. The global economy is filled with new possibilities.

    • Bertil Lintner
      Burma's Warrior Kings and the Generation of 8.8.88

      2008 marks the 20th anniversary of what is arguably the most massive pro-democracy uprising in modern Asian history.

    • Alfred C. M. Chan, Sheung-Tak Cheng, David Phillips
      The Aging of Asia: Policy Lessons, Challenges

      The current aging of the world's population is unprecedented, and is becoming visible in a number of Asian and northern European countries. The graying of our world has far-reaching consequences for social organization, economic activities, health care, h

    • Frances Mautner-Markhof
      Nuclear Non-Proliferation: A Case Study of the Law of Unintended Consequences

      The elements for the unravelling of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty were part of the bargain enabling its creation. With time, this would be seen not only to have the predictable impacts but also unintended consequences.

  • Book Reviews
    • David Plott
      The Language of Awe: The Rise of China and India

      There is something about the rise of China that exhausts the vocabulary of amazement. Now India falls off the tongue as easily as China when one talks of economic miracles in the making.

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