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  • March 2007
    Vol.2 No.1
    Barbs of Nationalism:
    How Asia Can Reconcile its History
    Letter to Readers
  • Cover Story
    Barbs of Nationalism: How Asia Can Reconcile its History

    Amid the heady optimism that accompanies the remarkable transformation Asia has undergone in the past half-century, there looms an inescapable, dark shadow: the specter of resurgent nationalism, especially in East Asia. The ability of Asia to realize its full potential hinges on the willingness of political leaders and their constituencies to confront the past. Can it be done?

    • Seung-won Suh, Chung-in Moon
      Burdens of the Past: Overcoming History, the Politics of Identity and Nationalism in Asia

      It is unthinkable to imagine the establishment of an EU-style order in Asia without first tackling the problem of identity politics and nationalism. Asia's collective historical memory is scarred by the effects of national identity and the politics of nat

    • Roh Moo-hyun
      History, Nationalism and Community

      Building a Northeast Asian community through a regional order of cooperation and integration that transcends old antagonisms and conflicts among countries is vital to ensuring our survival and enhancing our prosperity.

    • Masaru Tamamoto
      Japan's Politics of Cultural Shame

      Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to cast off the post-World War II order and transform Japan into “a beautiful country” filled with pride and confidence.

    • Weishi Yuan
      Nationalism in a Transforming China

      China is in the midst of a transformation. With any question concerning China today, this fundamental point must be understood. The case is no different with nationalism.

    • Yong-deok Kim
      History, Nationalism and Internationalism

      Having emerged in dramatic fashion in the March First Movement, Korean nationalism has become a unifying force that seems to transcend even the ideological confrontation between left and right and North and South.

  • The Debate
    Should Asia’s farmers be protected?
    • Walden Bello
      Why Asia's Farmers Deserve Protection

      More and more people are beginning to realize that local production and culinary traditions are intimately related, and that this relationship is threatened without thorough agrarian reform.

    • Peter Warr
      Subsidizing the Rich, Squeezing the Poor

      Trying to protect farmers ends up helping rich landowners and corporate processors of agricultural commodities at the expense of the poor.

  • Features
    • Donald G. Gross
      Transforming the US Relationship with China

      Washington prepares for future conflict with a rising China, and uses that preparation as a deterrent against challenges to its dominant geopolitical position in East Asia. While this security strategy may appear sensible, it is provocative and misguided.

    • Gary Samore
      Dear Leader: Inside the North Korean Nuclear Deal

      A top secret memo from Kim Gye Gwan, the head of the North Korean delegation to the Six-Party Talks, to North Korean leader Kim Jung Il. It provides insight into Pyongyang's perception of the new agreement and long-term nuclear strategy.

    • Shashi Tharoor
      The Land of the Better Story: India and Soft Power

      The old calculations of "hard power" are commonly understood to be no longer sufficient to guide a country's conduct in world affairs. A nation's role on the world stage is now seen more and more as a reflection of its society, with profound implications.

    • Choong Yong Ahn
      Why the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreements Matters

      With several deadlines coming and going and negotiators for both sides involved in highstakes brinkmanship, South Korea and the United States finally concluded a historic bilateral free trade agreement on April 2.

    • James Farrer
      Networked and Not Inhibited: Asian Youth Culture

      Asian youth are big beneficiaries of globalization and regional integration. Global and trans-Asian cultural flows undoubtedly are bringing Asian youth closer together. Sexual lifestyles, fashion trends and hobbies likely will continue to converge.

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