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  • Robert E. McCoy
    Lessons From the “Second Korean War”
    Jul 27 —

    As we recall the July 27, 1953 cessation of countrywide combat on the Korean Peninsula 62 years ago today – the first Korean War – we need also to be mindful of the last half of the 1960s, when tightly focused hostilities initiated by the North were so common that the time became known as the second Korean War.

    It was a dangerous period on the ... Read More

  • Tridivesh Singh Maini
    To Be a Global Player, India Needs A Better Foreign Service
    Jul 21 —

    There have been numerous debates about the need for a major revamp of India’s diplomatic corps, the Indian Foreign Service. It is not just committees set up by the government including the Pillai Committee (1965), the Sen Committee (1983), and the Satinder Lambah Committee (2002), but even scholars who have suggested the need to bring about major changes in the Indian Foreign Service.

    Some of the ... Read More

  • Mel Gurtov
    The Looming US-China Crisis in the South China Sea
    Jun 11 —

    The long-running, multi-party dispute over control of islets in the South China Sea is worsening both in rhetoric and provocative activity. Meeting in late May at the Shangri-La Dialogue on regional security, US and Chinese defense officials sparred over responsibility for the increased tension, though they stopped short of issuing threats. In fact, all sides to the dispute say they want to avoid violence, prefer ... Read More

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