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  • Mel Gurtov
    The Looming US-China Crisis in the South China Sea
    Jun 11 —

    The long-running, multi-party dispute over control of islets in the South China Sea is worsening both in rhetoric and provocative activity. Meeting in late May at the Shangri-La Dialogue on regional security, US and Chinese defense officials sparred over responsibility for the increased tension, though they stopped short of issuing threats. In fact, all sides to the dispute say they want to avoid violence, prefer ... Read More

  • Robert E. McCoy
    Japan’s Wartime Past: How Short-Term Thinking Creates Profound Long-Term Pain
    Jun 2 —

    The firestorm over remarks made by the US diplomat Wendy Sherman has died down; however, hot embers remain to be dealt with. In case you missed her fiasco back in February this year, Sherman – a former social worker who is now the politically appointed fourth-ranking member of the US Department of State – made a rather cavalier dismissal of the concerns and frustrations of ... Read More

  • Tridivesh Singh Maini
    Pakistan, India and China: The Need to Balance Strategic and Economic Visions
    May 15 —

    Recent weeks have seen some important events in the context of Pakistan’s ties with two countries with which Islamabad shares strong economic and strategic ties – Saudi Arabia and China. These events are likely to have a bearing not just on Pakistan’s foreign policy, but on the complex triangle of India-China-Pakistan.

    The firstkey development was Pakistan’s refusal to provide military assistance to Saudi Arabia in ... Read More

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