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  • Robert E. McCoy
    Timing is Everything: Why Many North Korean Events Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone
    Feb 4 —

    Some of the recent writings about North Korea’s fourth nuclear detonation expressed surprise that the event occurred when it did. The gist of these pieces was that North Korea had been making nice with South Korea and likely would not jeopardize its relationship with China; hence, great surprise when it went off. One article even said that “neither Seoul nor Washington detected advanced signs of ... Read More

  • Walter C. Clemens, Jr
    What Happened to Yin and Yang?
    Jan 26 —

    Not by rice alone. Nor by GDP. How people live depends not only on material assets but also on intangibles. A full life requires a culture that gives reason to strive, love and cooperate. For thousands of years, Chinese have valued traditions that helped to balance and harmonize the Yin-Yang forces that permeate all life—night and day, fire and water, male and female. Balanced but ... Read More

  • Leon V. Sigal
    Why Did North Korea Test?
    Jan 18 —

    North Korea’s fourth nuclear test is nothing to disparage. Even if it was neither an H-bomb nor a boosted energy device, the test advanced Pyongyang’s effort to develop a compact nuclear warhead that it can deliver by missile.

    The question is, why test now? Technical considerations have never sufficed before and are unlikely now to have motivated Pyongyang, where security is always in the driver’s seat. ... Read More

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